30Amp Aga Controller Repair – Three Day Turnaround

The 30 Amp electric Aga is an impressive piece of engineering. It runs on cheap off peak electricity and keeps the kitchen warm as well as cooking tasty meals.
Like all appliances in the home things can sometimes go wrong and the 30Amp Aga is no exception.
However if your Aga Controller fails then all you need to do is call RadTronix as we offer a three working day turnaround for 30Amp Aga Controllers. Besides repairing the fault we carry out restoration replacing components that are prone to failure. The resulting repair carries a full twelve month warranty.
Having your 30Amp Aga control board repaired is a Green alternative to a replacement board and you will be saving money and reducing the landfill at the same time.
At RadTronix we offer a fixed price repair for your 30Amp Aga control unit all you have to add is an electrically competant person to remove and replace the controller.
For more details call RadTronix on 07436 885 937 or use the form on our contact page.

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