Electronic Services

Electronic Equipment Repair
We have repaired a diverse range of electronic equipment for our customers. From industrial control computers to consumer electronic equipment we have restored operation of  important electronic items to the delight of our customers.
Electronic Equipment Maintenance
The performance of electronic equipment is subject to degradation during its operational lifetime.  Eventually the degradation will cause failure of the equipment.  We refurbish electronic equipment and circuit boards thereby minimising failures.
Electronic Manufacture
We manufacture bespoke electronic equipment for customers.  For some customers we have carried out design refresh and reverse engineering to enable remanufacture of legacyRadTronix manufactured electronic unit electronic equipments or printed circuit cards.  Dependent on complexity we are able to manufacture in low to medium volumes.
Electronic Equipment Specialist Prototyping
From Customer concept we will design, verify and build a prototype product to meet customer requirements.
Electronic Equipmet Performance Validation
Simply test, measurement and documentation of electronic equipment performance for Customers to agreed criteria.