Classic Valve and Tube Audio Amplifier Services

Valve/Tube Amplifier Repair and Restoration

If you are looking for sympathetic repair or restoration of your valve/tube amplifier then look no further than RadTronix. We are located in the historic City of York in the Heart of Yorkshire. Way back in 1970 John our expert in thermionic technology was building classic Mullard designs  and repairing a whole range of valve/tube amplifiers.

From the straightforward repair of none working valve/tube amplifiers, sympathetic restoration, commission build of specialist products we are certain that RadTronix can help.

Valve/Tube Testing     

If you have any valves/tubes that need testing we can carry this work out for you using our classic AVO tester.

Valve/Tube Amplifier Performance Testing

Would you like to know how your amplifier is performing?  At RadTronix we can use our sophisticated test equipment to measure and report on the performance of your amplifier from frequency response to distortion let us know your requirements.

Valve/Tube Substitution Comparisons

Would you like to know how valve/tube substitutions impact on the performance of your amplifier?  We can quantify the performance of your amplifier with different valve/tube configurations.  John will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Manufacturers and Models

Over the past few decades we have fixed valve amplifiers from most manufacturers from high end Quad to upgrading cheap Chinese amplifiers we can offer a solution.