Switched Mode Power Supply Repair and Maintenance

If you have navigated to this page chances are that you will have a  Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) that is in need of repair or maintenance.   At RadTronix we have successfully restored the correct operation of several hundred  SMPS units used in a wide variety of applications.   
Rack Mounted SMPS SMPS Fault Restoration
Today the  SMPS has found its way into virtually every piece of modern electronic equipment.  From the simple wall wart power supply to the more complex industrial power supply the SMPS is prone to failure.  Components in SMPS are subject to stress during operation and failures within an SMPS range from the simple to the catostrophic.  The industrial power supply shown on this page was repaired by RadTronix in March 2011.  Components within the power supply had failed badly and resulted in damage to printed circuit boards within the unit.  At RadTronix circuit boards and equipment is repaired or reworked to IPC 7711/7721 by accredited people. 
Once a repair has been completed the unit is tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that the voltage output is correct.  In some instances the unit must be replaced in the original equipment to ensure that it is working correctly and we can do this for you if you wish.  Where it is not possible for RadTronix to test a repaired SMPS we are happy for you to do this so long as you are competent to do this.